OPTRONICS TECHNOLOGIES S.A. was established in 1990 as a privately held, high tech company offering services in  fiber optics, optoelectronics and laser applications markets. Since 2008 the company is listed to the Athens Stock Exchange (OPTRON). Our vision is to be the most technologically advanced company in Greece concerning fiber optics and optoelectronics. As such we aim to play a major role in the development of photonics and fiber optic communications in Greece, Cyprus and European countries by distributing a complete range of relevant products. The principle of our operation is to provide our customers with properly certified solutions for their particular application. Doing so, we offer consultancy services and supply quality equipment to telecommunication and fiber optic cable manufacturers, PTTs, alternative carriers, Industry, Universities, Institutes, OEM Manufacturers, Contractors, Private Companies and other optoelectronics users.

The People
The international work experience of our highly specialised personnel allows us to remain on the frontiers of technological fields following developments and scientific evolution. This advantage is appreciated by our customers who rely on the technical assistance that our engineers can offer. This is the people we capitalise on to built our reputation and keep our growth continue over the past 27 years.

Business Sector
The market sectors we cover through our dealers network are oriented to Fiber Optic Systems for communications and local networks and Laser Technology for research and scientific applications. We are running as well training courses concerning optoelectronics and fiber optic technology through the educational department.
Running cooperations with vendors and distributors worldwide we advise and supply our customers on the above sectors with the best valued equipment for their needs.

Following the development of our operation for the third decade we are now able to run joint ventures with companies for production of customised products designed by our engineers in OPTRONICS LABS. This resulted to the production of fiber optic modules for video and data transmission applications, live fiber optic networks fault locator system, optical delay line module, WDM based fiber optic cable monitoring systems, traffic monitoring system, fiber optic interferometer, surveillance systems over fiber, etc. Production department is established and equipped with all necessary machinery for production of fiber optic based accessories and components as patchcords, patch panels, fault locators, voice and video transmission systems. Since production is based on Just-in-Time flexible schedules customized products and special assemblies are available within a few days from order. All kinds of fiber optic connectors are handled successfully by our production engineers. Assemblies along with patch panels and cables create the Fiber-Net Series brand name including products specially designed for fiber optic networking LAN applications. Installation department is undertaking hundrends of fiber optic based network implementations in Greece both for LANs and WANs as well as telecom applications for public and privately owned networks. This unique experience allowed us to be the first to design and rollout the first FTTH installations in Greece.

Additionally our extended cooperation with manufacturers and Institutes allows us to follow the European market developments through participation in Community Projects as specialised contractors for programs like FUSE concerning the development of a microelectronic ASIC based device for 2Mb/s fiber optic links.