OPTRONICS TECHNOLOGIES SA is an SME established in 1990.
Since December 2008 OPTRONICS is listed in the Athens Stock Exchange (OPTRON).
We offer services and products in the optoelectronics, lasers and fiber optics market including yet not limited to:

– Customised Optoelectronic Devices
– Network Design and Studies
– Turnkey Telecom Projects
– Fiber Optic Network Deployment

Our team has long experience in market analysis, business planning, innovation management, fund raising, product development and commercialization of fiber optic network related product, parts and systems. Our participation in Product Development Projects also include Risk analysis, CF Analysis, Qualitative and Quantitative verification Surveys, Description of Procedures for Product or Service Quality Testing and Monitoring, Reporting, KPI’s etc.

Our primary goal is to maintain a leading position in the Greek market by staying at the forefront of technological developments concerning Photonics, Fiber Optic Networks and Optoelectronics.

OPTRONICS aspires also to play a major role in the field of fibrr optic communications internationally and expand into other advanced and emerging markets by developing and distributing a complete range of relevant products and services.

The product portfolio developed in house includes customised modules such as specialised EDFAs, Live Fiber Monitoring Systems, ONU’s, Fiber Optic Delay Lines, etc.