OPTRONICS Technologies SA invests in research as a part of its corporate growth strategy. Our R&D efforts have resulted to novel prototypes some of which are commercialised by our company. Our skilled personnel has long experience in Project Management and has been involved in many National and European R&D projects (ESPRIT, RACE, COST, STAR, KONVER, PENED, PAVE, FP7) as well as in major (>100kEuros-7MEuros/each) Private Telecom Projects over the past 25 years.

Most recently the company’s determination to be actively involved in the European and National research landscape led to five major research endeavours.

Currently OPTRONICS Technologies SA is involved in three FP7 Call-8 projects, namely

ASTRON (www.ict-astron.eu),

FOX-C (www.ict-fox-c.eu),

COCONUT (www.ict-coconut.eu),

and one FP-7 Call-11 INSPACE (www.ict-inspace.eu).

We are also participating in the National Research Project PANDA (“Asymmetric Passive Optical Network for xDSL and FTTH Access”) related to GPON-XGPON technologies and FTTH access (http://panda.cti.gr/index.php/en/).

The activities of these Projects are related to fiber optics and photonics technology for Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC), Coherent Transmission, Superchannel Flexible Networking and Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) for FTTH and most Advanced PON architectures and technologies.

Our Role and Scientific Competence in Research Projects brings into the projects activities as Design and Development of New Technologies and Product Development along with Exploitation and Commercialisation Practices including Marketing and Media Channels and Business Plan modelling.

OPTRONICS Technologies SA can also contribute, should this be required, with significant expertise in Coordination of up to 10 partner consortiums and large scale industry projects and collaborative research projects (both EU and National).

OPTRONICS Technologies SA scientific personnel have long and proven experience in the preparation of research proposals for EU collaborative projects in the field of fiber optic communications and has a strong success rate.

The industrial activities related to the development of fiber optic products allows OPTRONICS  Technologies SA to actively contribute in the definition and performance evaluation of new technologies and devices.

In addition, OPTRONICS Technologies SA would actively pursue and could lead the exploitation of a project’s results since its participation in research projects is largely driven by the commercialization opportunities. OPTRONICS Technologies SA major experience in Deployment of Fiber Optic Networks including two Municipal FTTH and Mobile Backhauling in Greece offers access to commercial PON deployments, so that novel systems or subsystems could be assessed in a real field trial instead of a lab environment.

Finally, the research team of OPTRONICS Technologies SA has a strong publication record on topics related to Photonics, PON, Core Optical Networks, etc.

For a short presentation of every project please click the titles below and the logos to see the relevant web site .