We at OPTRONICS Technologies SA cooperate closely with our customers not only to built but also to consult the services that can possibly be offered  based on the network design and construction. In such a way we make available our knowledge and experience to our customers so that they can take advantage and offer advanced services to end customers and network users. All these towards an effective cooperation scheme targeting mutual benefit.

As such we develop:

Telephone and Internet connections (copper – fiber – PON)

Data-LAN connections (copper – fiber – PtP)

UltraHigh speed LAN (FTTH design, 1G per service)

CATV (satellite – fiber PON)

CCTV & VIP CCTV (coax – fiber PtP – 1G per connection)

Mobile links (FTTSite – FTTAntenna)

Marinas & Hotels Full Fiber Access Solutions (MARFONHOTELFON)

Telemetry / Control / Industrial Ethernet (cooper – fiber)

Central Monitoring (software based)

Maintenance (24/7 service)

Please ask us to analyse your available infrastructure and consult your operation requirements.