A list of the major projects completed by OPTRONICS Technologies SA in the past years follows.

  • FULL FIBER GPON HOTEL INSTALLATION. The Gennadi Grand Resort in Rhodes is operating via full fiber GPON 2.4/1.2Giga and 10G backbone services. The design and installation was implemented by OPTRONICS TECHNOLOGIES with direct Fiber-to-the-Room (FTTR) connections. This turn-key project included supply and installation for more than 80Km fiber optic cables, 3500 splices, 57 fiber optic patch panels, 20 racks, OLT/ONTs and fiber optic outlets in 320 rooms, 90 layer2&3 switches, servers/firewalls/routers, common areas Wi-Fi access points, IP PABX and IPTV system for the 320 rooms and common areas, 112 IP cameras for CCTV surveillance system, management software etc. The total system is supported by the HOTEL Fiber Optic Network (HOTELFON) solution developed by OPTRONICS TECHNOLOGIES that makes the rooms Fiber Ready to upgrade to 10Gbps.

  • HOTEL RESORT CATV OVER FIBER. The HOTELFON Solution is installed in a Hotel Resort in the Island of Rhodes-Greece. The design and installation include all CATV and data access directly to the rooms. The Passive-Optical-Network (PON) fiber optic system includes fiber optic cables, patch panels, cabinets, optical splitters, CATV laser transmitters, EDFA amplifiers, TV signal detectors counting more than 1200 fibers optic connections in total. The system is supported by the HOTEL Fiber Optic Network (HOTELFON) solution developed by OPTRONICS TECHNOLOGIES.

  • TEMPE TUNNELS Motorway. Fiber Optic Network for communication, control and monitoring systems in the three new tunnels (2Km, 3Km, 6Km) of the Athens-Thessaloniki Motorway Traffic Management System. Includes fiber optic patch panels, and works for commissioning and certification of the complete cabling system with more than 1000 splices.

  • GHANA Petrol Station. Design and equipment commissioning of network for CCTV and surveillance application in new petrol station in Ghana-Africa. Full fiber optic cabling used for 1Gbps switches and high end cameras communication to the control center. Full video analytics, PTZ and recording provide high security to the whole local facility.

  • FTTH in ATHENS. For the first time ever in the Municipality of Athens a particular area is fully (100%) covered with FTTH (direct fiber to the home) service making it FTTH ready. OPTRONICS TECHNOLOGIES designed, supply and installed the network for a major Telecom Operator using most of the products manufactured by the company (as FTTH cabin, fiber optic patch panels, fiber optic splitters, patchcords, pigtails etc). Every house is connected with 1 fiber for GPON service connection.

  • MARINAS in Greece. New installations for upgrading the infrastructure and the networking facilities for a series of Yacht Marinas in Greece (Zea, Lefkada, Corfu). Servers, WiFi networks and fiber optic cables for communications and customer services. Including direct cable connections and the exclusive FTTY (Fiber-to-the-Yacht) service for up to 1Gbps internet connection directly to the boat.

  • ADMHE (Independent Power Transmission Operator, IPTO or ADMIE). The project concerns 115Km of OPGW fiber optic installation in Northern part of Greece for the new 400KV power line. Includes all necessary joint closures preparation and splicing on the fields for the OPGW cable, termination of ODFs, testing, OTDR measurements, PMD measurements for all fibers and full commissioning of the transmission line.

  • NEW RHODES MARINA. Complete project management-network design-infrastructure implementation-visitors WiFi deployment, systems setup, includes 40Km fiber optic cable, copper cabling, FTTbuilding connections, 1G FTTBoat links, surveillance CCTV over fiber with 75 cameras, 35 Industrial switches, 2.4G GPON system to the bollards for phone-internet-TV service, VIP cameras, control & automation systems, monitoring of devices, Computer Room design and construction, Control Tower cabling. The system is supported by the MARina Fiber Optic Network (MARFON) solution developed  by OPTRONICS TECHNOLOGIES.


  • EGNATIA ODOS Motorway. Communication system – CCTV over fiber, at Komotini – Greek-Bulgarian border vertical axis. Includes 16 Km of fiber optic cables, optical distribution frames, outdoor PBX telephones, special emergency phones, Industrial Ethernet Gigabit switches, CCTV with PTZ cameras, DVR and video analytics.
  • EGNATIA ODOS Motorway. Fiber Optic Network for  communications and control with 2500 splices at 75 control points, 10G and 1G switches and 100M Industrial Ethernet switches.


  • ATHENS METRO. Design and deployment of control system for the extension of the new Metro line to Peiraeus. Includes laying 20Km of fiber optic cables, patch panels, splicing, commissioning on the existing subway infrastructure.