Industries & Energy

Industries & Energy

Empowering the production with High-Tech Solutions

ICT in Productions & Energy

Optronics Technologies has a long experience in delivering solutions that meet the highly and continuous demanding requirements of Production Industries and Energy Plants.

Optronics Technologies is supporting the developing industrial sector with secure, robust and sturdy solutions to meet most demanding quality levels and productivity targets of modern production lines. We are proud of supporting these companies and their growth.

Supported Industries and Plants

Power Plants

That generate energy using Fossil Fuels or Renewable energy sources (especially solar parks)

Food & Beverage Production Industry

That process raw food materials, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, packaging, and distributing them.

Heavy Industry Production

Refineries, Ship Build, Chemicals, Steel, Machinery manufacturing

Tailor made Solutions for the Industries Sector

IT Design
Functional IT design to support existing and upcoming needs.
Physical Surveillance Systems
Alarm, CCTV, Fire Detection, Access Control, Integrated and Unified Monitoring Systems.
Data Security
Firewalling for Secure Networks and Communications.
IP Telephony, Video Conferencing, Industrial Public Announcement Systems
High Speed Networks
Wired and Wireless, Fiber Network, Interconnections.
Supervisory Platform
Security, SNMPs, Energy, Public Announcement, Mechanical and Electrical Automations, all in ONE SCREEN
Power Electronics
UPS Standalone or Modular, Tailor Made Solutions, Industrial Type Batteries
Maintenance & Support
Covering the provided solution with SLAs