Our People

Our People

Our People. Our Future. Your Success

Optronics Technologies from the beginning of its operations, in 1990, has been offering an excellent working environment to attract the most talented professionals. The talent, the team spirit, the continuous investment in training and getting people certified in new technologies, the significant R&D activity and the highly demanding projects that the company undertakes consist an optimum corporate ecosystem where our people build their career path in excellence.

Our team consists of highly skilled engineers in Computer Science, Electrical, Project Management, Mechanical and Civil engineering for studying, designing and delivering – working in the field. In addition to our Engineering and Technical Departments, our company has organised Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Logistics, R&D and Financial department to support its operations and continuous growth.

The below graphics show the educational level – studies of our people and the size of any department as a portion of our total workforce.

  • Postgraduate Studies
  • Higher Education
  • Secondary Education
Education – Studies Level
  • Technical Departments - Field Engineering
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Financial - Logistics - Admin
  • R&D
% portion of Workforce per Department